Respectful Insolence will go dark...

...but only temporarily!

As you may have heard, our benevolent leaders at ScienceBlogs are finally doing a major upgrade of our blog publishing software. That's the good news. I'm hoping the back end is much easier to use and more responsive. The bad news is that the whole ScienceBlogs site is going to locked down. It will still be there. You can still read it and browse every scintillating post, but no one will be able to post, and no one will be able to comment. I'm posting on this old mothballed blog of mine in case anything goes wrong, or, as is entirely possible, the timed posts do not publish on my main blog.

The lockdown period will begin at 1 PM. Unfortunately, it will run at least until Saturday evening. I have a couple of timed posts, but I have no idea if the automatic posting feature will work during the transition.

Personally, I'll take the opportunity to take it easy for a day or two. If my blogging jones must be fulfilled, I still have this old Blogspot blog...


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