Advice on writing a winning blog...


No sooner do I finally take the plunge and begin my own blog than I come across an article that actually gives some good
advice. (Tip of the hat to Jim Treacher for leading me to this.)

From my first two posts, it looks as though I need to learn a lot about blogging:

And good blogging demands frequent posting. Biz Stone, 30, Blogger senior specialist at Google ( recommends that you post "at least as much as you eat." That's "three times a day with some snacks," he says.

COMMENT: Uh-oh. I'm in trouble here. No way I can post more than once a day on average. But perhaps there's still hope for me:

Jason Novak, 33, who's hosted the Washington entertainment guide since 2001, says that "what brings [readers] back is that every time...there's something good."

COMMENT: Well, I did say I'd try to make reading my blogging worth your while by posting "something" good with enough frequency to keep 'em coming back. Only time will tell if I can succeed. Finally:

And "good" extends beyond volume, which means you'll want to avoid the dreaded "blogorrhea" -- aka incessant prattle about your jerk boss or second-rate love life.

COMMENT: OK, I might have a slight problem here, judging from the length of my first two posts. I'll try to be less blogorrheic in the future. On the other hand, some of the issues I eventually want to discuss will occasionally require longer posts. Hopefully, when that happens, I can make them interesting enough that you don't even notice the length. That's what I hope to try to do, anyway.

And I promise never to prattle about my boss (who, fortunately, isn't a jerk--not even close) or my love life (which, given that I've been happily married for twelve years, would be pretty boring to most people anyway). In fact, I didn't really start this blog to talk about me. I'm rather private, and my life isn't that exciting anyway at the moment. I may occasionally reveal minor things about myself, but my real purpose is to talk about issues.


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