An aside (and shark cartilage, too!)

Lest you wonder where a supposedly busy academic surgeon and scientist has time to post so much in the last three days, I won't be posting at the present clip indefinitely. A lot of my present bloggorhea comes from a combination of pent-up thoughts, adaptations of some of my past Usenet posts, more time spent in my laboratory than usual, a rare weekend off, and a slow couple of pre-holiday weeks. Hopefully, however, once my workload returns to normal, I'll still be able to put something up at least every other day (the couple of weeks before grant deadlines excepted, of course). In any case, clearly, I'll have to pace myself or risk blog burnout (blogout?) too soon.

Case in point, today's a clinic day. Consequently, there will be no blogging other than mentioning this link to an article on how shark cartilage is still being pushed as a cancer "cure" on the basis of fallacious claims (such as the demonstrably incorrect claim that sharks do not get cancer). The abstract of the original Cancer Research article is here.


Oh, and a tip of the hat to Ken W. and Michael S., both of whom suggested that I set up a feed to my site (also here), links to which both now reside in my sidebar, and pointed me to the resources to tell me how to do it. After a little fiddling around on Blogger last night, I managed to figure it out. I didn't even know such things existed. Does anyone know good software for the Mac to aggregate these feeds?


  1. I use and love NetNewsWire ( --Tom D.

  2. Just to say 'cheers'... will be checking in here (almost) daily - looks like a decent blog so far. Hoping for some interesting stuff on Alt Med along the way...

    Paul in Prague

  3. Firefox has "live bookmarks" that work very well.

    -Brent Rasmussen
    Unscrewing The Inscrutable

  4. Hello. Last night on UK TV was a 'what if' style show about stem cell reserch. ( ) The public voted 81% in favour of the doctor who had broken the law to attempt to help her patient. What views do you hold on the ethics and science of this?


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