Living forever

Do you think this guy will really live forever? The problem is, I think I may be older than he is and probably won't get to see him die first...

But he does have these testimonials, so it must work, right? (This is sneaky way of introducing tomorrow's post.)


  1. He also makes the claim that "the search engines tell the entire truth". You have to admit, all the folks who wrote testimonials were alive when they wrote them.


  2. I can't argue with that!


  3. My two cents. I started looking for a blog talking about living forever. The subject fascinates me. The guy with the rings sounds a little far out, however, there was an article in the Readers Digest last year about scientific research done at UT in the early 90’s that discovered the aging clock and has led to an enzyme being identified that will stop and/or reverse the aging process. Sort of the same thing with a little extra credibility.

    It seems to me that if the aging process can, in fact, be stopped, living forever is a possibility. I would like to open a discussion with an academic surgeon and scientist somewhere in the Eastern Standard Time Zone on this subject.

    There is quite a long list of dead men who wrote about the possibility of living forever. In Autobiography of a Yogi, ©1946 Yogananda wrote about a guru he called the Ageless Saint. Yogananda claimed that Babaji learned to overcome aging and death and was 3,000 years old. It might or might not be true, but Yogananda has gardens all over Los Angeles that are still operating in his name even today, 50 years after his death. Even the story of his death is fascinating.


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