There actually appear to be some people reading out there.

Thanks to all who took the time to post comments. It's only a handful so far, but a guy's got to start somewhere. Later this week or sometime next week, I think I might respond to a some of them. (A couple I've already answered by e-mail.) This blog has only been in existence for roughly three days. When I started, I figured it would take three weeks or even three months for my new blog to start to get noticed--if it ever got noticed at all.

Hmmm. I wonder if it's too early (or expecting too much) to start lobbying my handful of readers for a nomination for the 2005 Weblog Awards? (Hey, I can be as shameless as any other blogger out there when it comes to lobbying for this!) I guess the problem would be how to classify my blog thus far. I haven't made any real political posts yet, and there doesn't appear to be a category in the Weblog Awards for Best Medical Blog or Best Science Blog (both very glaring omissions). Come to think of it, there isn't a category for Best History Blog either (another glaring omission). That would appear to mean that, if I continue to stick to mainly medicine, alternative medicine, and Holocaust denial, I have no chance...

Maybe it's time to start making some political posts!


  1. Judging by your counter, I'd say you're doing well. One thing that might help folks "stay in touch" with your blog without you feeling that you need to post every day is to make your "feed" more accessible. It appears that you've enabled the atom feed (that sounds like something from The Jetsons, doesn't it?); I can see the posts in my aggregator, but I had to figure out the URL for myself. You can add a link to the feed to your template. I don't remember how I did it (I'm on Blogger, too), but the relevant code in my template is:

    <li><BlogItemURL><a href="<$BlogSiteFeedUrl$>" title="Atom feed" target="_blank">Site Feed</a></BlogItemURL></li>

    which seems generic. You might add it above or below the "I power Blogger" logo (in which case, you will probably need to leave out the "<li>" and "</li>", and maybe put a "<br>" before and/or after the link). This will allow people to use their aggregator program to automatically grab the feed URL; when you post something, your blog and post will show up in that program.

    A complicated thing for a very simple goal: to attempt to give the balkanized blogosphere the same user interface that usenet newsgroups have had for something like 30 years.

  2. Frankly I'm surprised that my rather lame blog actually gets repeat visitors. I'm using Statcounter.com's counter on it, and it tells you all sorts of keeno info on who's hitting your site like IP addresses, and I recognise the regular ones.

  3. In the short time I've been doing this (one week), I'm amazed that I've hit 700 on the counter. When I started, I thought it would take a couple of months to get that many hits...


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