Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Grand Rounds XIX

This week's Grand Rounds is at Sue Pelletier's Daily Capsules. Once again, the best blogging in the medical blogsophere is gathered into one, nice digestable package. Because I regularly peruse the medical blogosphere, I've seen many of these before, and they're great. Others are from blogs I'm not familiar with. I appreciate that, because it leads me to new blogs I might otherwise never have discovered.

For those of you who've found your way here because of Grand Rounds, please check out Essential ORAC (on the sidebar) for a dose of what this blog is about. As my regular readers know (all two dozen of them), I rarely miss a chance for shameless self-promotion. Just ignore the strange picture of a guy dressed as an enema you will see lower down on this page. It's merely the product of Orac's very strange sense of humor...

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