Wednesday, February 09, 2005


A record number of hits per day yesterday, 438!

(OK, I realize some blogs get that many hits in a five minutes, but the trend continues upward.)

8 example(s) of insolence returned:

At 2/09/2005 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Know that your work is appreciated! I check in every working day, and will continue to to so as long as you can keep up steam:)


At 2/09/2005 11:22 AM, Blogger SarahW said...

I was lured here by effective comment spam over at St. Nates. :)
Didn't take long for you to get bookmarked.


At 2/09/2005 4:08 PM, Blogger Curious JD said...

Where does the sitemeter show up on your site? I signed up for it but can't seem to find it.


At 2/09/2005 4:46 PM, Blogger Orac said...

The Site Meter is at the very bottom of the sidebar on the left of the web page, after the list of all my links.

Also, I don't expect such a high number of hits to continue for long. Before this spike, I had been averaging 100-200 hits/day and was expecting around 4,000-5,000 hits over the course of the month. The number's slowly increasing, but, barring some big blog like Instapundit or Powerline "discovering" me and linking to me, I doubt it will reach an average of over 400/day for some time to come--assuming, of course, that the hit rate doesn't level off before it gets that high.

As long as I have a decent-sized stable of regular readers, I'm happy, though.


At 2/10/2005 2:13 AM, Blogger gollux said...

you also have 18 subscribers at (and I don't know how that would show up in the logs)


At 2/10/2005 8:24 AM, Blogger Orac said...

More than enough to keep me going for now!


At 2/10/2005 11:51 AM, Blogger AnthroPax said...

I read as often as I can. Do you read the blogs of your readers (if you will)?


At 2/10/2005 5:47 PM, Blogger Orac said...

Of course I do, although not all of them regularly. (I also only know the identities of a few of my regular readers who have blogs.)

Of course, posting a comment to my blog with a link to one's own blog almost always succeeds in getting me to check that blog out at least once...


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