Lightening of the blog

Blogging will be light (and may actually end up being nonexistent--it all depends on whether I get any time and the quality of the Internet access I have) over the next three days. I have to go to a training conference in Chicago and then come back and be on call on Sunday.

Don't worry, though. You-Know-Who (and I don't mean Valdemort) will make his usual monthly appearance no later than Monday--and maybe even sooner if I happen to get the chance. It wouldn't do to disappoint his fans...

Also, stay tuned. There's a study (not medical this time) that came out this week that could use a bit of deconstruction, but unfortunately I didn't have time to do more than barely get started on doing a proper job of it before having to leave. I hope to take it on early next week, unless some other more interesting topic comes along. (That's the problem with blogging; if you wait too long to post about an incident, you're so far behind all the other bloggers that you might as well not bother...)


  1. I hope you go ahead and blog on that topic if you get a chance. I know what it is, and I would like to see your take on it.

  2. I REALLY hate for my first comment on this excellent, erudite blog to be for something so petty, BUT ...

    It's "Voldemort", not "Valdemort".


  3. Secretory of Distaste Colon Pal, Commander of the 2nd Fleet striking fear in the bowels of his enemas

  4. Jeff,

    Come on, give a guy a break. I was typing fast and didn't notice.

    Personally, I think that my lack of typos is pretty good compared to most bloggers, even if I do say so myself, but I'm certainly not perfect.

  5. Frumious Bandersnatch10/01/2005 5:01 PM

    Hey wait, does this mean the monthly posting of Eneman will be late? (insert jokes about facillitating output here)

  6. "Personally, I think that my lack of typos is pretty good compared to most bloggers, even if I do say so myself, but I'm certainly not perfect. "

    Definitely, that's why I hesitated to say anything at all -- you're a thousand times better than 99% of the blogs out there and rarely make a mistake of any sort. The only reason I spoke up was because you've said before you were a relatively recent Potter reader so I wanted to help prevent saying "Valdemort" in front of some kids somewhere and becoming a source of the kind of vicious malice of which only adolescents are capable.

    Plus you're WAY smarter than me, so this was my one chance to ever know more about a subject than you and I TOOK it, baby!

    Jeff the Ever-Petty (that would definitely be my domain if I were elevated to godhood ...)


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