Thursday, July 07, 2005

July 7, 2005: We are all Britons

From Shape of Days, via Waking Up Costs:

Anyone who's a regular reader of this blog knows what an Anglophile I am, which is why, today, it is true, at least for me.

2 example(s) of insolence returned:

At 7/08/2005 12:13 AM, Blogger Tam said...

Since you've got it posted, you may as well know how the Union Jack came about (as it's kind of cool). Forgive me if you already know, some of your readers may not.

The Union Jack is the combination of three separate flags. The St. George's Cross of England (red vertical cross on a white background), the St. Andrew's Cross of Scotland (white diagonal cross on a blue background), and the St. Patrick's Cross of Ireland (red diagonal cross on a white background).

Scotland actually has two flags. The St. Andrew's Cross, and the Lion Rampant (that's a red lion rampant on a field of gold).

Again, sorry if you know this, but I moved to the US from Scotland 15 years ago, and get all testy about Americans claiming to be British... I have a British passport still. I'm Scottish! :)


At 7/08/2005 11:32 AM, Anonymous Crazy Phoreignor said...

whoever thought Tam would be Scottish! hahaha

1,2,3...O Flower Of Scotland..........


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