Et tu, Skeptico?

While celebrating his first blogiversary, Skeptico took some time out to skewer both friend and foe alike, including your friendly neighborhood arrogant computer. Only one thing: He's short at least two sets of parentheses to get the true flavor of my writing...

May your second year be as great as your first, although, as much as I love it when you fisk Deepak Chopra, it is rather odd that your first and last post of your first year were about...Deepak Chopra. What a scary set of bookends for that first year.


  1. Hysterical! Man-oh-man, Skeptico has got you pegged - thank god (or your personal, deity-equivalent...or not) I haven't been around long enough to develop a blogging personality.

    In my professional life, I am known to be far more verbose than even you, so I'm glad that it hasn't shown through yet (or I lack the traffic for anyone to really notice).

    And, in all seriousness, I appreciate greatly the thorough manner in which you frame your arguments and cite supporting material. I've already learned a ton from reading you for only a few months.

    When you're lofty enough to be parodied, you know you've made it!

  2. Autism Diva got parodied by Skeptico and she is far from lofty. Fluffy maybe, but not lofty.

    But Autism Diva is a walking parody and so a pretty easy target. :-o


  3. Actually, I edited it back considerably from its original length. ;-)

    Glad you could see the joke though.

  4. Spiffing parody of you there, Orac - sharp enough to show that Skeptico's a regular and loyal reader of your blog, too, making it a definite compliment.


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