This is what a Blogspot outage looks like

If you were trying to get to Respectful Insolence last night and couldn't, this is why. Blogspot appeared to be down for about three hours last night, as you can see from the graph. I made a cursory check last night, and it appeared that every Blogspot blog was down. Is it my imagination or selective memory, or Blogspot outages becoming more frequent?

In any case, I can't wait to make the move to ScienceBlogs now; I hope to "go live" soon. More information will be forthcoming when I have a firm date, but I'm hoping to pull this off by February 14 or 15 at the latest, and it might be a whole lot earlier than that.


  1. I may jump ship with you.
    There's a lot of clunkiness about Blogger; the main reason I've hung on is my (apparently delusional) thinking that Google would fix it.

  2. Blogger was out for periods of time at least twice this week. Oddly enough, I could get to my own blog last night, but not any others, and the RSS feeds were not working.

  3. Yeah...Blogger was down for a while Thursday night, since I couldn't get on any of the sites that I have bookmarked. Looking forward to the time you "jump ship" and go over to scienceblogs....just take us with you when you go!

  4. And Blogger was out again Saturday all evening. I don't remember last time I accumulated less than 200 hits in one day on either one of my two blogs! But it happened last night.

    I still managed to post a bunch, but nobody could see the posts until after midnight.

  5. Yep.

    I'm keen to look around. but it is a bit like moving house. can you take all your "clutter" with you. I would not want to lose my comment archive.

    please, please do a detailed post on how exactly you are going to do it.


  6. Coturnix:

    Yeah, I noticed Blogspot was out again last night too, but I figured posting about it again would be redundant.

    Dr. Crippen:

    As for how I plan on making the move, well, I'm just leaving the old Blogspot blog up as an archive and starting fresh.

  7. According to blogger's status blog,, the people over at blogger are in the process of replacing some problem hardware with some better stuff.

  8. I've just caught up with you rblog after a long absence. While my post isn't "on topic" as it were, it's a related issue you should give some thought to when you make the move.

    Your updated visual format may look pretty, but it imposes truly horrendous restrictions on viewing the content if, like myself, the reader happens to be a Firefox user. It takes eons to scroll the page!

    Now, this happens not to be a problem with Internet Explorer, but why should I have to fire up a different (and less secure) browser simply to be able to read your content?

    And what about all the Linux users? I've yet to see how your blog renders in Konqueror, but if it suffers from the same problem in Linux-based browsers as it does in Firefox, then it's time for a rethink. Which is a shame, because I actually like the appearance of the new format. But it makes viewing and digesting the written content a tedious chore that wasn't the case with the old format. Before, I could scroll to items of interest with speed and finesse, home in on the content I wished to reply to, and reply quite happily. Now, the scrolling is so bad that I have time to cook a pizza (in a thermal oven, not a microwave!) while I wait for your blog to scroll to the sections of interest!

    Please, Orac, do something about this ...


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