My second to last post

This will be my second to last post here at the present blog. As announced before, on Monday this blog will be moving over to ScienceBlogs. It's been an eventful 14 months here, but it's time to shake things up. Not all change is bad, and I think this change will be good in at least a couple of ways. First, it will bring the insolence to a potentially much bigger audience, and, second, it will hopefully inspire me to sharpen my science writing.

In any case, as my last post here, the new URL will be announced on Monday, and I hope you'll join me (not to mention update all your bookmarks and, if you're a blogger or have linked to me on a website, your blogroll). The old blog will remain for the forseeable future as an archive site.


  1. Orac - will follow you there for your excellent posts. You'll be in good company with PZ Meyers, et al.

    My only complaint about scienceblogs are the damnable animated ads! Very annoying.

  2. We're eagerly awaiting your arrival. Hopefully you can make it through the first week of hazing . . .

  3. Are you sure the current members are ready for Orac? Remember, it may not be long before the Hitler zombie makes an appearance.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Well, we'll see.
    I have a twinge of doubt about this. I submitted myself as a potential convert (I gather you have to be judged worthy or something), but haven't heard a peep. Suggests some rudeness, snobbishness, or maybe they're just overwhelmed.
    Am not counting on being "accepted" but was expecting a response even if negative.

  6. i can hardly wait for you to join us, but you've already made your presence known to us, considering that we all were made insolent for awhile last week ..



  7. Good luck with the move.

    "My only complaint about scienceblogs are the damnable animated ads! Very annoying."

    This is why I use a browser (Mozilla) without flash, and many other plugins, installed, when I surf blogs. Also, ad-block comes in handy, though I don't use it on blogs that I frequent often - it costs them revenue, and that seems unfair to me.

  8. Orac is dead, long live Orac.


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