Orac is dead! Long live Orac

Well, it's finally come. Today is the day to say goodbye.

No, not goodbye to you, my readers, but goodbye to Blogspot and this Blogger blog. In a way, this is a bit bittersweet, but then over the weekend an altie comment spammer unleashed the worst spam attack Respectful Insolence has ever weathered, necessitating my deleting a whole slew of comment spam.

It's time to go.

So, everyone, please set your bookmarks to my new location:

Also, I've registered the domain respectfulinsolence.net. Presently, it's set to redirect traffic to this blog. Later today, I will reset it to redirect to my new location. There is a link to my new RSS feed on the new blog.

Please update your bookmarks.

To bloggers out there who are kind enough to have me on their blogroll, I'd really appreciate it if you would update your blogroll link to the new URL above.

This blog will remain as an archive site for my old posts and as a place to put the occasional post that doesn't fit in with my new blog.

Orac (from Blogspot) is dead! Long live Orac at ScienceBlogs!


  1. Sheesh - I thought you surgeons got up early. I've been pinging you for at least an hour trying to get to the new site.

    Congratulations and best wishes on the new venture. And what a great way to 'end' this run with EneMan!

  2. Orac (from Blogspot) is dead! Long live Orac at ScienceBlogs!


  3. I totally respect your decision, dude.
    Re/ updating blogroll: consider it done.
    And please allow me to pass on a tip that might be considered both disrespectful and insolent at your new digs:
    As I found out after following Pharyngula and Deltoid to ScienceBlogs, those Subaru ads get really distracting, and most browsers' image blockers don't work on them.
    However, AdBlock works great on Firefox. Just install, go to "List All Blockable Elements", and zap the culprit.
    Please forgive me for suggesting that your loyal readers put a small crack in ScienceBlogs' rice bowl -- I hope that you personally do great on the deal. Your hard work deserves some reward, but I hope I can ethically continue to read while skipping the ads.


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