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One of my favorite podcasts is Skepticality. I became a fan after the now-retired blogger St. Nate pointed it out to me and I checked out a few of their shows, which are about exactly the sort of topics that skeptics like.

Earlier today, I was working on a grant in my office, and I decided to check iTunes to see if there was a now Skepticality podcast. What popped up was a show entitled "The Message." If you're a fan of the show, as I am, you will want to listen to the show now. It is only 3:25 minutes long and reports, sadly, that one of the hosts, Derek, is in the hospital in a phenobarbital-induced coma for an intracerebral hemorrhage due to a suspected arteriovenous malformation. It's very serious.

Join me in wishing him the best hopes for a full recovery.


  1. Thanks, Orac. I am glad Swoopy made that message, as hard as it was to hear. Skepticality is a wonderful show. There is something about written words and speaking voices, some personal, intimacy in the way we, readers and listeners, respond to, for example, podcasts and blogs and forums and talkradio. I am glad Derek and his wife had the ability and the sense to get to the hospital, and I hope he has a great outcome.

  2. Thanks for being more specific that Swoopy has been able to on the website, Orac! I actually want to their discussion forum and told them of your blog. I also will be mentioning you on my own blog later today when I submit. I am mentioning your post concerning the specious euthanasia story.


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