The Flying Spaghetti Monster Game

Our favorite new deity, that delicious al dente living critique of the antiscientific nonsense that is known as "intelligent design" creationism, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is now a game:
There are 25 original characters in the game. Try to convert them all to Pastafarians in the time limit, using your noodly appendage.

Game play may seem challenging at first, but after you play a few times, you'll get a better feel for where you need to aim to convert people.
"Challenging"? It's more than that. I could only manage to convert 2/25 with by deploying the FSM's noodly appendage! I must be losing my old video game skills from college. I guess I need more practice. Either that, or the game is just too difficult for any but a 13 year-old GameBoy whiz. (I'll have a better idea if I get a chance to play around with it some more after I get home from work tonight.) I won't tell you what happens when you manage to "convert" someone to a Pastafarian, but it's rather amusing.

Oh, and you have to avoid contact with "darkly clad school administrators" (who appear to be carrying Bibles) as well!


  1. The key is to use the FSM's shadow as a targeting device. Scored 1700 first time out. And I'm old.

  2. 16 converted / 4550 scored

  3. Whoo hoo! 4300. I made me a parcel o'pirates, almost enough fer me crew, aarrgh. Thanks, Orac.

  4. 6500 with 22 pastafarians. And thats with a touchpad mouse.

  5. Someone must not use laparoscopy much... (Neener, neener, neener.)


  6. You can take your time at laparoscopy for the most part.


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