More evidence that many Holocaust "revisionists" are Nazi sympathizers

I've occasionally been criticized for equating Holocaust deniers with neo-Nazis. Via Flavor Country, I've found a link that lends a little tactical air support to what I've been saying all along. Check out what they're saying about the death of Simon Wiesenthal over at "The Revisionist Forum," which is the web forum of the so-called "Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust" (CODOH) and, both prominent denier organizations.

Some representative quotes from the discussion that broke out after the news of Wiesenthal's passing was posted:
  • At the foot of the BBC's gushing obituary it says - "Six million Jews were murdered in the Nazi death camps of World War II, along with thousands of Gypsies, homosexuals, disabled people and political dissidents." They're still using 6 million, what figure do the lobby currently use?
  • It may be in bad taste, but can we break out the Schnapps yet?
  • To anyone reading who thinks that Simon 'Jewish soap' Wiesenthal was a man of integrity, ethics, and truth, they should read the threads here which demolish this evil, hatemongering piece of human garbage. Good riddance.
  • How does one survive FIVE 'death camps'? Answer: They weren't 'death camps'.
  • A disgrace to the Jewish people and a spreader of malicious hate & lies against the German peoples. Yeah, what a man he was.
  • A shot of Cuervo Gold for me. Ole' amigos, the slimeball is dead.
  • The man was a criminal liar, a scumbag. The world is a better place without him.
Why did these so-called Holocaust "revisionists" (who claim that they are simply interested in "objective" historical research) hate Wiesenthal so? Easy, he was effective in bringing Nazis to justice, even decades after the war. He was the most effective Nazi hunter of all, and he was Jewish. That's why revisionists hated him, and that's why they are rejoicing at his death.

Still don't believe me? Delve deeper into the CODOH discussion forums and see. Read some more "revisionist" literature. But be sure to bring a barf bag.

The hatred of these scumbags is the greatest posthumous tribute to Wiesenthal's life and work I can think of. It is a testament to his effectiveness in fighting them. Let them rant.


  1. Geez, Orac, that was harsh - after a quick look at that site, I dont think I've got soap enough to feel clean again :(

    But, as you say, let them rant: Simon's got his labours to stand as a heroic epitaph.

  2. hello, i've only visted your site a few times times but i like what i read... those neo nazi guys are about 5 and half cans short of a six pack...

  3. It really doesn't matter what a denier may claim to be, his or her support of the concept is defacto support of Nazism whether they like the philosophy or not.

  4. It's a bit more complicated than Orac states. If someone has a certain opinion, then let them.

    Just don't pretend it's open debate, like the board does: it's a circle jerk of weird ideas and outsiders and critics are blocked and banned.

  5. Even scum deserve fairness, so in fairness, the "six million" estimate was just that - an early estimate, and IIRC a high one.

    But they're still scum, and Weisenthal was still on the side of righteousness (and millions of Jews were still executed by the Germans and their allies, for being Jews, even if it wasn't quite six million).

  6. The six million estimate was only slightly high. Indeed, the lowest credible estimate I've seen is 5.1 million. More recent scholarship appears to be indicating that it was actually pretty close to 6 million, and the range of error in most estimates includes 6 million. The bottom line is that 6 million remains a remarkably good estimate of the Jewish death toll, and has for decades.

    Marsattacks: It actually is damned near "that simple." All Holocaust deniers are anti-Semites. (If there is one that isn't, I've yet to encounter or even hear of him or her; perhaps someone can point me towards the mythical beast, that I might see it for myself.) And significant numbers of them are indeed neo-Nazis.

    You are right about Simon Wiesenthal having been more complex than the simplistic "Nazi hunter" label would imply, but on the whole he's done far, far more good with his life than bad, his mistakes notwithstanding.

  7. Just wanted to say, as a first time visitor to this blog (via Mossback Culture) -- great site, Orac!


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