Now a refugee

Wade Rankin and I haven't often seen eye-to-eye, but I recently learned via Kev that he and his family, including his autistic son, are now refugees due to Hurricane Katrina. Fortunately, he's one of the lucky ones. He had the means to heed the warnings, load up his car with his family and pet, and get out early Sunday morning. He managed to find a pet-friendly hotel with high speed Internet acess. Good fortune in getting out aside, however, he has no idea if he has a home to go back to or if all of his possessions have been destroyed, much less when he will be allowed to go back.

Disagreements in the past aside, I'm hoping for the best for him and all the other victims of Katrina. Take a moment to visit his blog and leave a comment. Tell him Orac sent you.


  1. Thanks, Orac. One of the few things we agree on is the rarity of our agreements. But as you can see by this visit, I do pay attention to what you write, and you have my respect. There's a lot of "bad craziness" going on back home, and good wishes are welcome, even from the most respectfully insolent of acquaintances.

  2. Your comment reminded me of a problem we had in 1986 following a fire in the house. We went to the nearest motel, Ramada Inn, at midnight, desperate to find a room for my elderly mom and her dog. Despite the emergency, despite all sorts of credit cards that would have covered any possible damage, they would not let us have a room. No pets, period.

    Fortunately we found a friendlier (and much nicer) motel nearby that was willing to let her in.

    So, plan ahead and find out now which motels will take pets, because midnight is not a good time to be frantically searching.

  3. Given our 62 lb. dog that my wife and I love, this is an issue I take seriously...


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