The Mad House Madman tells it like it is

Medical students! You want to know how to write a scintillatingly brilliant personal statement for your residency applications?

Listen to the Mad House Madman! He'll tell you how. The Madman gives ready, bite-sized prose to sneak into your personal statement to guarantee that you get noticed by the residency admissions committee. Actually, his suggestion for medicine residency applications sums up perfectly why I went into surgery instead:
I really love treating chronic disease. I particularly enjoy diabetes. It always fascinated me how blood glucose can go up and then down and then up, and then down. I find it particularly interesting how certain medications will help and then stop helping, and then I add another medication, and then that will help, and eventually it will stop helping. Sweet! (I mean that ironically)"


  1. Oooh, that sounds exciting! Is it too late for me? I'd love to watch glucose go up and down ;-)


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