Dispatches from the road, part III: Carnival barking

When you're on vacation and taking a bit of a blog break, but still want to do some posts, what's a good thing to do? Carnival barking, of course! And in the last two days, there have been three great blog carnivals to keep you busy and happily reading much bloggy goodness while Orac recharges his (its?) circuits for another run at the alties.

First, off, yesterday, there was the History Carnival #14 at Philobilon. Great stuff, as usual. Indeed, it's so highbrow that I sometimes wonder why they sometimes let my posts in, given that I'm not a historian. One of these days I'll have to see if I can get another Hitler zombie post in there, you know, just to see what the reaction is.

Second, there is the weekly showing of RINO Sightings at Balloon Juice. RINO Sightings is a carnival for conservatives or Republican-leaning types like me who have a problem with the direction the Republican Party's been going the last several years, particularly its utter domination by the religious right and its antiscientific agenda (particularly with regard to evolution, global warming, and stem cell research) and its complete loss of fiscal responsibility.

Finally, this morning, as there is every Tuesday, there's Grand Rounds, this week over at Circadiana. Bora's done a fine job of rounding up the best of the medical blogosphere this week.

One last note: I've noticed that I've developed a comment spam problem. Of course, this would have to happen while I'm away and don't really want to deal with it. However, when I get back into the swing of things at the end of August, this may be the thing that finally gets me off my behind to switch blogging platforms...


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