Tangled Bank XXXV

I interrupt my vacation once again for a plug.

Tangled Bank XXXV has been posted at Cognitive Daily, and, as usual, there's lots of excellent science blogging there, which you should check out forthwith!

As an aside, though, I hate to say it, but I have to quibble a little bit with the way Dave Munger has handled it this time around. He's decided to try to remain completely apolitical, separating the posts that have to do with "intelligent design" creationism and other posts that deal more with the politics of science than with pure science from the main carnival and instead posting them on his personal blog, Word Munger. I can understand his sentiment, which can be summed up the way PZ put it: "You may like your science untainted by politics or the slime of creationism." I can also fully agree for scientific issues that are less well-settled scientifically than the evolution/creationism debate. Although I sympathize with such a view, unfortunately the "slime of creationism" is unavoidable these days, thanks to the fundamentalists who continue to push it against all scientific evidence for evolution. Also, evolution is such a well-founded and well-established theory, that this truly is a debate of scientific fact against pseudoscience. If fundamentalists and politicians didn't keep pushing it, the antiscience that is ID would have withered long ago. Science blogs represent one force that can be harnessed to slap down this invasion of antiscience in the classroom.


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