Supporting the troops

Kung Fu Monkey, one of my favorite bloggers, has started blogging for a cause. He's supporting the Army Emergency Relief Fund, a fund that helps our soldiers in times of need; for example, for rent, emergency medical expenses, etc. It's sad that, at a time of war, such a charity should be necessary, but unfortunately it is. Regardless of your politics, whether you support the war or think it's a massive mistake, this is a way you can support the troops in a concrete way. There's a PayPal link there to make it easy. He's also going to be rotating refugee relief funds and other charities on a monthly basis.

As KFM put it, "Transforming hot air and bullshit into a tiny bit of good, one post at a time."

Hmmm, I wonder if Orac should think about doing something similar. I may not get quite the traffic that KFM does (yet, hint, hint), but these days my traffic's not too shabby.


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