Dispatches from the road, part IV: This is a first for tunes

[NOTE: This is yet another in a continuing series of short dispatches to keep Orac amused while on vacation. Regular posts on skepticism, alternative medicine, creationism, and whatever else strikes Orac's fancy will resume in about a week or so...]

The Kaiser Chiefs are an up-and-coming band from the U.K. whose debut album Employment I picked up a few weeks ago. It's full of infectious, punkish pop songs reminiscent of The Jam, a bit uneven but definitely full of promise, as the now-retired St. Nate pointed out when he blogged about their appearance at Live 8. However, in my listening to the CD while putting hundreds of miles on my car, I noticed something I've never heard before in a rock album (or any album, for that matter). In the song Saturday Night, the boys sing:

Pneumothorax is a word that is long
They're just trying to put the punk back into punctured lung
Party over, party off, party on
'Cause we are birds of a feather and you can be the fat one

That has to be the first time I've ever heard a song that mentions a pneumothorax.

No wonder I like these guys....


  1. If they weren't so...them...I'd use this moment to suggest you look into Bad Religion, then. Reason I know words like 'myoma' and the only punk band I know of whose lead singer has a PhD from Cornell...


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