I'm probably going straight to hell for posting this...

During my vacation, via a friend of my wife's, I discovered changes to the Eucharist made by the new German Pope, Benedict XVI. He sure didn't waste any time...


  1. Do I go to hell if I laugh really hard at that?


  2. Orac,

    Considering the people who have told me that I was going to Hell, I think you'll be much happier there than in the place those people think they are going.

    Besides, what's not to like about a little change? If Christianity had been established in Salzburg rather than Rome, it would have been pretzels and beer from the start - don't you think?


  3. Pretzles? Beer? I'm totally going back to mass now.

    Prometheus, the beer would taste better if Christianity were founded in Munich rather than Rome or Salzburg.

  4. LOL Prometheus. I'd rather go to hell with you all then hang out w/ the religious crowd.

    If smoking, drinking, gambling, and pre-marital sex are not allowed in heaven, why would I want to go???


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