You love me, you really love me. Now let me eat your brains!

Yesterday's post, in which I made an offhand remark that perhaps the Hitler zombie might have overstayed his welcome, provoked an unexpected reaction, concern that perhaps I might be retiring our favorite eater of brains for good.

Fear not. He will return someday.

My concern was that perhaps I had overused him during the last few days. I think it was a valid fear. The Hitler zombie is a powerful eater of brains. As a rhetorical device to mock people making ignorant and ridiculously overblown Hitler/Nazi/Holocaust analogies, he should be used sparingly, and I was letting him get out of hand. True, I don't have control over the appearance of so many stupid Nazi analogies in such a short period of time, but, given the recent uptick in Hitler zombie appearances, I think it's time to give him a rest. Don't worry, though, he will appear again eventually, but almost certainly not before the next appearance of EneMan--unless, of course, an example of a bad Nazi analogy so egregious, so mind-numbingly stupid that it threatents to warp the very fabric of space-time continuum comes along.

As long as there are historically ignorant and massively exaggerated comparisons to the Holocaust, Hitler, or the Nazi regime, there you will find the Hitler zombie. He can never be killed, unfortunately, and he always comes back.


  1. Thank God (or natural processes) for Orac and the Hitler Zombie!

  2. Heh. The Hitler zombie is just taking a little summer break--like me.


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