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Well, well, well, this is interesting. I was checking my stats, and I found that, among my visitors at the time sampled, only 55% used Internet Explorer, and Firefox holds a 33% share.

Could it be that Microsoft's browser domination is being chiseled away more rapidly than suspected? Or is it just that my readers tend to prefer Firefox?


  1. At Neural Gourmet I have about 62% using some form of Mozilla browser and only approx. 7% use Internet Explorer while I have a loyal 1.25% using Opera. A smaller fraction use non-mainstream browsers like Konqueror or Safari. And the rest aren't human. Of course, I can't be sure anyone visiting my site is human. Except for myself. I'm pretty sure I've got all the right alleles.

  2. methodological naturalism leads me to prefer mozilla.

  3. 1% are still using Netscape 4? The frontrunner for Worst Browser in the Universe? Who are these people? Is there some sort of counselling for them?

  4. I used to think that the only people still with N4 on their machines were web-designers who kept it for testing.
    However, I had a conversation with a fellow web designer a few months ago who had recently been asked to design a site for a group of elderly specialist-car enthusiasts. The guy who commissioned it was running N4, and said that most of the others in the group (all aged 55+) were too. They'd been using it for years and just didn't see any reason to change!

  5. Stupid question--how do you get rid of IE? I'm not in love with it, but am not computer literate enough to get onto the internet any other way (except through AOL--no thanks...) so if someone would educate me, I'd be grateful. Orac--sorry if this is off context, but the idea of getting rid of Internet explorer is exciting.

  6. Dawn:

    Go to
    and click the green button that says Download Firefox. It will download a file to your Desktop, called Firefox Setup or something like that. Double-click it and it will install Firefox which is a much better web browser than IE.

  7. And, while we are being helpful, let me suggest that Dawn look into User Agent Switcher.
    This handy extension will allow you to set your shiny new Firefox browser to look to the world like any of several other browsers (most notably IE).
    This is most useful for the purpose of fooling those loathsome sites that insist on dealing only with IE users.
    Let me mention as a footnote that the existence of UAS, and its equivalent on Opera, etc., implies that the percentage of IE users observed by Orac and PZ is almost certainly an upper bound.


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