Blogspot strangeness

As I sat down to compose my daily post tonight, everything seemed all right. Blogger loaded right up and led me to my list of posts to edit. As I started writing, I wanted to reference an old post on my blog, and that's when the weirdness started. My blog wouldn't load on my browser. It kept coming up with messages like "you don't have permission to load / on this server," "page not found," or the main page simply wouldn't load.

I was concerned, to say the least. Thoughts of chicanery by certain cybersquatters who had plagued me in the past went through my mind. Had my password been compromised somehow, allowing someone to delete my blog? (Don't laugh, it happened to Nurse Kelly.) But no, that wouldn't make sense, as I was using Blogger, and everything seemed fine in the Dashboard and the controls. All my posts, both posted and my many drafts of half-formed (or not formed at all) ideas were still there, as always.

I checked my SiteMeter readings, and noticed that, sometime after 6:49 PM, my visits had very suddenly dropped from a highly unusual 90/hour (having been juiced up quite nicely in the wake of my being nominated for a couple of blog awards) to 2-3/hour at around 10 PM (when I sat down to write). So I started checking some of the blogs that I peruse every day that happen to be also on Blogspot:

Science and Politics? Wouldn't load.

Red State Rabble? Wouldn't load.

Photon in the Darkness? Wouldn't load.

Pooflingers Anonymous? Wouldn't load.

Aggravated DocSurg? Ditto.

Well, you get the idea. Every Blogspot blog that I normally peruse seemed to be down at the same time. Blogspot was clearly FUBAR'ed.

The odd thing is, the last time this happened, sometime last month, Blogger wouldn't let me into my account, either; so this was most strange. Blogspot blogs couldn't be accessed, but I could do whatever I wished as far as composing or changing blog settings.

All I could do was write what I planned to write and hope that Blogspot would come up again. fortunately, sometime after 11 PM, it did, and that's why you're seeing this now. What a drag, the day after my being nominated for Best New Blog, not long after voting started, that Blogspot should crap out like this. It seems to be happening more frequently, this is the longest outage I can recall for months.

Anyway, I'm sorry about that. It looks like Blogspot was down for a total of around 4 hours. For those of you who had been coming by in search of my scintillating wit (or lack thereof), I'm back...

ADDENDUM: Blogger has finally posted an explanation for what happened here. It's pretty vague.


  1. Great... and I just started a blogspot blog. Well, hopefully I'll have my regular site back up and running around Christmas.

    You'd think with all the Googleness that they'd have their stuff on all kinds of redundancies and backup servers.

  2. I made an entry on my (nonscientific, nonskeptical) blog at 2312, then found I couldn't view the entry - or anyone else's blog. I tried again at 0600 and it's all fine.

    I'm in the UK, so my times are about 6 hours ahead of yours.

    Time to make sure I've got a complete backup of all all entries so far. Just in case.

  3. It drove me nuts last night!

    BTW, You are going to get 5 votes from me (you got one already). Sorry, had to split you with Trish (Countess) - I've known her for a long time.

  4. BS was clearly having issues last night but all seems well now. Good luck in the voting.

  5. I couldn't do anything on my blog either. Was quite aggravating so I just went to bed. :D

  6. the same thing happened to me, too. i also have a screwed up RSS feed, according to one reader (you might want to check on yours, too). i hate to move my blog, but geez, this is getting really tiresome.



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