How to make movies more "Christian"

There were a couple of stories on the news last week about how Hollywood, having seen the success of The Passion of the Christ, is trying to court Christians, specifically in the context of the new movie version of the first book in the Narnia series. This reminded me of a post I saw a few weeks ago about how Hollywood could achieve that:
Let's make all the regular crappy remakes as well as a whole new crop of Christian remakes of mainstream films. Would that solve this growing "problem?" I'll even give some hungry Hollywood producers the first Jesus-esque ideas in 5 Ways We Can Randomly Put Jesus In Mainstream Movies To Make Them More Christian-y
Back to the Future (But with Jesus)?

I might go and see that.


  1. Jurassic Park V: Adam and Eve Were There, Too

  2. Well, since movies are primarily made for profit, they could make profitable Christian movies. Maybe they could ask Jerry Bruckheimer to blow something up for the Lord.

    Having seen the Left Behind movie, I can safely say: that ain't no way to put butts in seats.

    The other issue: dramatic tension. Christianity's main effect is to remove dramatic tension from individuals' lives, by offering them solace at the nightmarish puppets made of meat in which their souls are temporarily housed. That's not good theater.


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