I'll be home for Christmas....

I'm on the road again, off to visit family and friends for the holidays. I'll be traveling until late next week. Insane blogger that I've become, I have at least a couple of posts already lined up that will allow me simply to log on briefly and hit "Publish." (Look for one of them tomorrow sometime.) However, I'll still probably post the occasional dispatch from the road, but it'll be sporadic (particularly when I'm at my in-laws, where the only Internet access is dialup) and it's unlikely that I will be writing any long takedowns of alties or pseudoscientists until after I get back. I do plan on resuming my regular schedule sometime around next Friday or Saturday.

You know, it occurs to me. After a year, this whole blogging thing's gotten to the point where maybe I should think about recruiting some guest bloggers to fill in for me the next time that I go on vacation or when my professional responsibilities temporarily make it impossible for me to maintain my usual manic posting rate (something that will happen at least once or twice next year)? Indeed, I even have a couple of bloggers in mind. What do you think?

Finally, one unpleasant thing (for this blog, anyway) that this means is that I won't be able to moderate comments as frequently as I have been doing. Indeed, I may only be able to do it once a day on some days. To avoid this problem, I had desperately wanted to eliminate comment moderation by now, because I value the discussion that goes on and the contributions of my readers. That's why it irks me that a certain troll has reappeared and forced me to maintain comment moderation. Nonetheless, I still hope to eliminate comment moderation after the holidays.

Happy Holidays, all!


  1. Orac--have a very Merry Christmas and a safe trip to the midwest and back. Enjoy!

  2. Just make sure you screen your guest bloggers carefully and have a list of appropriate topics. I have seen the wheels figuratively fly off a couple of blogs due to long vacations and guest bloggers with their own agenda.


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