In which grant writing forces me to steal from PZ...

Sorry, all, but I've been up quite late two days in a row putting on the finishing touches on a grant application. Yesterday's post on HIV denialists somehow got out of hand, becoming far longer than I had intended. It also kept me up an hour later than I had to be. Have you ever, after working really late on a big project, been so wired that you didn't feel at all sleepy? Such was my situation last night at around 3 AM, when I couldn't stand looking at the same text yet another time. This lead to me taking nearly an hour to add to what I had started a couple of days ago as an intended plug of Trent's article, resulting in a much longer article than originally intended.

Tonight--or should I say "this morning"--the situation is different in that I'm now quite tired. Apparently my training from surgical residency days plus my advancing years have sapped my ability to deal with the prodigious levels of sleep deprivation that I used to subject myself to on a routine basis. Consequently, I'm just going to respond briefly to a meme that PZ Myers seems to be starting, in which, after posting his SiteMeter stats for percentages of visitors from various nations, he asks:
Any other webloggers out there want to share their political inclinations and international appeal?
Why the heck not? It's been weeks since I even bothered to check that part of my SiteMeter logs. So, here it is:

I guess my "international appeal" isn't as great as PZ's. 84% of my visits come from North America. There are still a couple of surprises. For one thing, I didn't think there was such a big Australian and New Zealand contingent in my readership. For another thing, I'm surprised that my U.K. readership is so small.

As for my politics, well, let's just say I'm a bit to the right of PZ.

Oh, and don't worry. I haven't forgotten about the usual visitor who shows up around the first of each month. I'm just too tired to scan the necessary pictures right now...


  1. Darn it. Vietnam didn't show up. I must start visiting more often.

  2. Um, Orac, I'm not sure exactly how to tell you this, but... visitors from Canada would be considered international. I know many of you 'Mericans don't actually believe this, but Canada is a different country.

  3. Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it. It's just that North American countries don't seem as "international" to me as elsewhere, particularly given the number of times I've been to Canada in my life. Familiarity, you know. It's not that I don't realize Canada is a different country.

    Of course, I haven't been to Canada since 9/11; so my memories may be colored by how easy it used to be to cross the border at the Detroit/Windsor crossings.

    Or I could just blame it on sleep deprivation last night.

  4. Paul is sadly behind the times, or is ignoring yesterday's Unification Proclamation .. Canada is now officially the 51st - 55th states (with Montreal being left behind) ...

  5. Those of us who live in the northernmost states in the USA do understand that Canada is a different, but very similar country. Especially those of us with lots of relatives there.

    So, it seems reasonable since the most of the lifestyles are the same but with some usually transparent differences in laws (the speed limits are in kilometers, grocery measures are in grams -- but everyone says 'pounds' ... and the RCMP does not have to go by the same rules as police in USA, the Canadian custom folks at the border are more easy going the the USA guys --- except for one guy at the crossing near Grand Forks, BC .. he was a bit uptight, but it might have ben because he was very young.. etc).

    Oh... and it doesn't help that television programs and many movies that are supposed to be taking place in Seattle (or some other US state, like "The X-Files") are actually filmed in Vancouver! One big difference is that Seattle has a freeway cutting through it, and Vancouver has a functioning mass-transit rail system.

  6. FireFall - sorry, that's 52nd to 56th. Britain is 51st; our prime minister has is head far further up Bush's backside than yours.

    The only thing might be that Blair might not only decide on unification, but be sufficiently spineless to fail to negotiate statehood or voting rights..

  7. It's not like I was really upset, or anything. And if you promise not to let Quebec in, we might be able to come to some sort of understanding about that whole unification thing. (That's a joke, too, by the way.)

  8. I think some of our relatives in British Columbia would love to be detached from Ottawa! This is a province that sensibly put their capital city on an island. ;)

  9. you don't have enough visitors from the European Union, so here's a bunch from spain


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