A plug for Prometheus

Sorry, due to family obligations and general vacationing, I didn't write anything for today. However, I do recommend a piece by Prometheus on a topic I had been meaning to write about but hadn't gotten around to yet. Unfortunately (for me, that is), Prometheus beat me to it. The topic is about how quacks and "mavericks" will reject the authority of "conventional medicine" but at the same time will be quick to argue from an alternate authority of "renegade physicians" who have become convinced of the correctness of their particular "alternative therapy." Best quote:
Occasionally, the lone maverick who stands alone and refuses to follow the herd is the vanguard of a new breakthrough in medicine (or science). Most often, however, they are simply wandering aimlessly off the trail and into the wilderness. Taking you with them.
I'll have to remember that one and steal it sometime.

At some point in the next few days, among the sporadic posting, I'll find time to explain what I meant when I made a vague commentthat this was a memorable holiday.


  1. I hope that you and your family are ok.

  2. Losing family members is never easy, is it. Unfortunately, in middle age, we are at the time in our lives that this becomes common (I lost my father and both his siblings in the same year, a couple of years ago). Hope you're all OK.


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