The Coroner's Twelve Days of Christmas...

A tasteless (but nonetheless amusing) variant of the Twelve Days of Christmas can be found over at Dr. Zeus' Forensic Files:

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
The deskman gave to me
Twelve druggies drugging,
Eleven crackheads piping,
Ten jumpers leaping...

Dr. Zeus is a coroner in Cleveland and is affiliated with one of my old stomping grounds, Case Western Reserve University.


  1. I think John McGhinley as Dr. Cox on the NBC hit Scrubs sang something like that on one of their first 4 Christmas episodes. No, wait, it just hit me as I was writing. An anonymous paid singer sant it as they showed a time lapse of Turk becoming increasingly depressed and losing his holiday spirit as he had to preform emergency surgery after emergency surgery.


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