A club I'll never be able to join

Here's a club that, sadly, I'll never be able to join. Although basic scientists can "let their hair down," clinicians can't, unless they want to scare their patients. (It's also a major pain to deal with in the operating room.)

I sometimes think I have more natural affinity for the culture of basic scientists than I do for the culture of doctors. Doctors tend to be boring.

(As you can see, I've recovered from my bit of introspection and impending mid-life crisis. Or maybe I haven't, which is why I find the above club appealing...)


  1. Hah! About the time I walked in and discovered a male doc with flowing hair, I'd be outta there. And if they're female they'd best have it contained. Hair sheds. Just found your blog. Like the hell out of it. Have learned that once people in highly complex professions set down to write, they get so involved in being precise that they revert to using the language/terms of that profession that nobody can understand what the hell they're trying to say. You're one of the rare ones. This is good. Carry on!


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