Observations on referring pages

A couple of days ago, I noted that my post on alternative medicine breast cancer testimonials had been linked to from a Google search for information on Dr. Lorraine Day and breast cancer cures. Initially, I thought this was great. Unfortunately, when I investigated further by doing my own searches, I figured out that Respectful Insolence was only turning up high on such lists when "Suzanne" rather than "Lorraine" was used as her first name. Oh, well. Since then, I've noticed two more searches that seem to lead to my blog.

First, a post in which I noted that Reverend Fred Phelps is rejoicing over the deaths of Swedes and Americans in the tsunami is turning up on searches for the Westboro Baptist Church or Fred Phelps and "tsunami." Good. If my blog can do its tiny little part to point out the bigotry of Fred Phelps and his band of bigoted haters, that's definitely a good thing.

Second, I've also noticed is that, thanks to my post about EneMan, my blog is now occasionally turning up on Google searches about EneMan! Yikes, I hadn't even thought of the potential implications of doing a post on EneMan. Now, people looking for EneMan items are finding my blog. At first, I didn't know if this was a good thing or a bad thing. But then I thought about it some more, and, in the shameless self-promoting spirit of blogging, I've concluded that almost anything that gets more people to look at my blog is probably a good thing. So I might as well take advantage of this. How? Well, beginning as soon as I can get around to scanning it, I'll be posting the January picture from the 2005 EneMonths Calendar. And, if I forget one month, I'm guessing someone will remind me. None can resist the power of EneMan.


  1. I actually tried using an arbitrary phrase, coalsack nebula, to see if it would generate some blog hits. So far it hasn't worked.

  2. Heh heh. Maybe I should try it.

    Oddly enough, now I notice I'm getting hits for searches on "Fleet enemas."


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