One good piece of news greeting my return

My count meter shows that my little post on alt-med breast cancer testimonials a couple of weeks ago came up on a Yahoo! search about Dr. Day and breast cancer cures. Not only that, it's coming up on the first page!

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be coming up in the first few pages of a Google search I did. And now that I double-check, it seems it only came up on Yahoo! because whoever did the search appears to have used "Suzanne" instead of "Lorraine" as Dr. Day's first name. My article also mentioned Suzanne Somers, which is probably why my article appeared so high in the results of the search on the referring page and does not appear that high on my searches.

Oh, well.
I guess all I can hope for is that my article helps bring a little realism to the one person making the erroneous search, given that the person definitely clicked on the link to it.


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