Snow storm

A respectable snowstorm, the first one of the year, is rapidly approaching the East Coast and should hit sometime this afternoon. It's no big deal for me (my snowblower is all gassed up and ready to go), but it definitely seems to be a big deal for the natives here, whose inability to deal with even relatively minor snowfalls every year never ceases to amaze me, no matter how long I live in the area. (I've spent all my life before moving here in Michigan, Ohio, and Chicago.)

However, the storm may serve as an excuse for me finally to change the template of my site and do a bit of a redesign to make it more to my liking, now that I've been blogging a while and see the limitations of my initial choices—provided we don't lose power....


  1. Unfortunately, I'm not yet very proficient at HTML (as anyone who looks at the source code for my sidebar will see). Sooner or later, though, if I keep up at this, I'm going to have to learn more...


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