Yet more evidence that vaccines do not cause autism

Here is yet another piece of evidence that the apparent increased incidence of autism in the last decade is due not to vaccines (as anti-vaccination believers claim), but rather to improved awareness, widening of the diagnostic criteria in the late 1980's and early 1990's, and to increased availability of services.


  1. There is a wonderful book about a father finding out his son has autism, but with a twist: he is a person who loves books, very very old books.

    It is _Not Even Wrong_ by Paul Collins --- who has his very own blog at .

    Unfortunately, it is not getting much notice in the world of autism parents. Possibly because he tells about several autistics written about before it was even a diagnosis, and reiterates that genetics as a cause, not something someone can be sued for.

  2. Evidence or lack thereof re: regression in autism and MMR, part of the controversy.


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