Grand Rounds #XVIII

Grand Rounds XVIII is now available at A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure. Since this week's host is a fellow surgeon, I feel that, as a member of the brotherhood/sisterhood, I have to go all out to support his efforts. That means I won't be posting any lengthy pieces today, so as not to distract too much from the purity of the message: Check out Grand Rounds. (It's also a chance for me to write a Holocaust piece I've barely started, so that it will be ready in time to post on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz this Thursday. It'll be about my first encounter with Holocaust denial.) For my part, I support Grand Rounds pretty much every week by publicizing it, trying to contribute most weeks, and, in March, by hosting it (not to mention linking to it as many times as possible in my posts, to give it Google-juice). If you happen to have an interest in medical topics and medical blogs, I encourage you to check it out and even consider hosting it someday.

Of course, anyone who ends up here as a result of my humble contribution to this week's Grand Rounds, please check out some of the best of my past work in Essential ORAC (on the sidebar)—only after you've finished perusing the fantastic medical blogging goodness that is Grand Rounds, of course! Hopefully you'll like what you see and add Respectful Insolence to your blogroll. (We surgeons rarely miss a chance for self-promotion, whether at surgery, blogging, or anything else we do; so I'm sure Dr. Bard-Parker—if you get the joke in that name, you are likely to be a surgeon or work in an operating room—will not mind my little self-plug in the least. After all, I did tell everyone to check out Grand Rounds first, before coming back here...)


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