How Dover deals with questions about "intelligent design"

Well, the adminstrators in Dover have made their statement about evolution and intelligent design to the students (given that the biology teachers all refused to do it). The really funny thing is what happened when a few students wanted to ask questions:

Biology teacher Jennifer Miller said although she was able to make a smooth transition to her evolution lesson after the statement was read, some students were upset that administrators would not entertain any questions about intelligent design.

"They were told that if you have any questions, to take it home," Miller said.

Actually, given that intelligent design is religion, not science, perhaps that wasn't such a bad response. On the other hand, the school brought it up, forcing religion into the science classroom; they should have been prepared to answer the students' questions.


  1. as a litlle old man, who has had many of the usual, I have to think that the design needs quite a bit of improvementand seems to be haphazard rather than intelligent.

  2. In the UK, the only alternative given to Darwin is Lemark. Only if you opt for Religious Studies for 'A' Level (17-18 year olds), then in the philosophy module, you learn about intelligent design (and the arguements against it).

  3. "...intelligent design is religion, not science..."

    Gosh, don't dignify it like that. It's what Anne McCafferey calls 'speculative fiction' (i.e. science fiction invented by people with no science).


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