Tricks stores use to get you to buy more...

An interesting article on the psychology of store layout as a means of increasing profit. They even mention one of my favorite places in the world: A big city Apple store (in this case, the one in London; but I've been to the Apple stores in Soho in New York and on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and I'm guessing the one in London is probably pretty similar). It's presented as an example of great high-end marketing. Certainly those stores manage to get me to buy things almost every time I enter them...


  1. There are more tricks that stores use to get you to linger - and perhaps spend impulsively. They will periodically relocate staple items. I have watched with some amusement as my local chain grocery has moved the Bisquick several times in the last few years. About every eight months, I'd say. It struck me the last time this happened, is that this isn't lazy or sloppy stockhandlers doing this. It's a conscious, deliberate effort. What tipped me off? The pricing label. They have to move the pricing on the shelf every time they move the stock. You can imagine that the shelf-stocking staff didn't do this on a whim or out of carelssness. It's deliberate, calculated, and probably brings in several hundred dollars more per shopper per year.



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