Could EneMan have some competition?

Regulars around here are familiar with EneMan, who first appeared because he was a most bizarre example of strange stuff that doctors get from pharmaceutical representatives.

Well, via a comment (hat tip to Pharmagossip) posted after one of the Colon Crusader's appearances, I've learned that EneMan has some competition--and that competition also ran the New York City Marathon last weekend!

Are you ready for Mr. Testicles?

Neither am I, but apparently the U.K. is.

I suspect that EneMan's position is secure, at least as far as pharmaceutical company mascots go. As far as strange medical mascots, though, it looks like a real race.


  1. Reminds me of the little movie in the film Johnny Dangerously, entitled, Your Testicles and You (which teaches, among other things, that if you abuse your testicles with illicit sex, they'll swell up to the size of watermelons and may actually explode, among other things).

  2. I love it.
    Maybe Lance should have been Mr. Testicles during one of those Tours....

  3. I shall be advising all my male friends that should their testicles develop eyes, a cheesy grin and start bouncing up and down they should go to their GP immediately. Or the community psychiatric nurse. Actually, the CPN seems a better bet...

  4. I want to know how Mr. Testicles got rid of his wrinkles. Whatever he's using is a whole lot more effective than my Neutrogena.

    Does he know he has real career opportunities in informercials?

  5. Never mind the bollocks!

    Johnny Dangerously...great movie. My mother put me on a hook once...once

  6. Mr Testicles is no threat to EneMan; oh, he has a certain naive charm, but no muscle.


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