Of course, it makes perfect sense...

Lazy Saturday in the lab waiting for my real-time PCR run to finish. I might as well take another silly Internet quiz, especially because I'm such a Tolkien fanatic:


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
brought to you by Quizilla

Of course, it makes perfect sense, although I'm not so sure about "tragic"--at least not yet. On the other hand, I do like the idea of having a lifespan many times that of other human races...

(Hat tip to ahistoricality!)


  1. Entish

    But wouldn't it be easier to define that by just asking one's preference of women:
    A. a graceful firstborn hottie singing and dancing in the wild under the stars
    B. busty barmaid
    C. she loves and plants fruit-bearing bushes and trees
    D. what are women?
    E. she regrets the flight and ensuing firstborn-firstborn bloodshed to recover the simarils

    /always wondered if there is any scary fanfict that involves women

  2. Once I took it and was Entish, another time I was Numenorean. Like a good, vague yet enobling horoscope, eh? In either case, my people are fading from Middle Earth, nearly gone by the end of the Third Age.

  3. I was Numenorian, too. I think the test is biased because 36% of all test takers were the same as us, but for some weird reason, I have never met this other 36% of the world!


  4. Orac, I generally enjoy your erudite and informed posts very much, but all these idiotic internet quizzes make me think twice about coming here. Your blog, your prerogative, but I just can't figure out why you have posts that are both so interesting and so vapid at the same time. Most blogs are one or the other.

  5. but I just can't figure out why you have posts that are both so interesting and so vapid at the same time.

    Which post is both interesting and vapid at the same time?

    /anonymous is fun
    //still working on step 8

  6. Wasn't "your prerogative" a Bobby Brown song?

    BTW, I turned out to be Elvish. Apparently I'm ethereal, lyrical and perceptive.

  7. Anonymous,

    Most of the time , if I post on on weekends, I tend towards posting stuff that's less serious or even frivolous. The exception is if something comes up that I'm so fired up about writing about that I can't wait until Monday or Tuesday to post or when I write one of my historical pieces about an anniversary and that anniversary happens to fall on a Saturday or Sunday. Sometimes even Friday subject matter tends towards the less serious.

    This has been a pattern here since very early on in this blog. Surely you must have noticed if you're a regular reader. It works for me, and I have no plans to change this practice.

    Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. Not every post is going to be a work of bloggy goodness, and sometimes even good bloggers post clunkers. Sometimes bloggers will go through stretches where what they write is better than their average; sometimes there will be dry stretches. It's the long-term average quality that counts. In any case, I don't consider any of the posts yesterday to have been a clunker, but you are, of course, free to disagree.

    A little frivolousness is not always a bad thing, you know, as long as it doesn't take over.

  8. I for one like the easy-going posts Doc. I vote for not changing your format or style.

    BTW, we totally would rule as Numenoreans. I seem to get the same result as you pretty frequently. You must be an intelligent handsome man. There's so few of us...

  9. I'm Entish.

    And that's awesome.

  10. Anybody else feel that just having "Elvish" is a cop-out? Which elves, goddamit? After all, the Numenoreans are Men, aren't they? Surely they should at least separate the moriquendi from the calaquendi?


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