RINO Sightings

This week's edition of RINO Sightings has been posted at The Strata-Sphere. More good stuff.

I have to wonder if my membership in the Raging RINO's is in jeopardy, though. I've just learned that Respectful Insolence has been listed on "A List of Essential Blogs - the ones you visit at least once a day" at--of all places--The Democratic Underground. Yep, there I am, listed right alongside such left wing blogs as Daily Kos, Eschaton, and Liberal Oasis. Worse, I'm on the same list as that repository of altie wingnuttery, The Huffington Post. (On the other hand, it is an honor to be listed alongside Pharyngula, although politically we often disagree.) No doubt my family, particularly my sister who happens to be active posting on the DU discussion boards, will be pleased.

Commissar, it's not my fault! Don't revoke my RINO membership...

Will I ever live this down? Who cares? Anything that brings more traffic....


  1. You have always been a pretty lousy right-wing.
    Actually, you are about as right-winged as I am, or maybe slightly to the right of me on some issues, but in today's US political climate, that's 'liberal'.

    By European standards I'm pretty damn far to the right, though my hard anti-racist stance forces me to vote for the moderate parties.
    This is actually the case at the Danish municipality/county elections today. The party I politically agree with the most, is working together with an anti-immigrant and racist party, so I have to vote for a more left-leaning party.

    Legal disclaimer: the Danish Supreme Court has ruled that it is not libel to call someone racist if they fit within the common dictionary difinition of the word, even though they don't fit within the legal definition. It is in the context that my use of the word 'racist' is to be understod.

  2. I thought that was the point of the RINO designation: Republican In Name Only, in other words, moderates who fail to surrender the party to the jackbooted.... sorry, Hitler Zombie stirring...

    Anyway, whatever you are politically, this blog is a damned good source of information and entertainment.

  3. Yeah, but the Democratic Underground???

    They tend to be pretty far left.

  4. There, there, Orac.

    The other commenters are correct: the current political climate has turned substantial numbers of reasonable people who might in better days have thought of themselves as right-leaning moderates into foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Bush types.

    If and when the Republican Party stops being captive to the groups that want to teach intelligent design in schools, and who think you win wars by clapping your hands and believing all is well, many of your readers may drift away from blogs like DU. But for now? I'm almost surprised we aren't all over there.


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