The Twenty-first Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle

The Twenty-first Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle has been posted at Pooflingers Anonymous, and Matt may have come up with the most unusual and creative format yet. Shakespeare, anyone? It begins:
A school of thought, lacking credulity,
In Skeptics' Circle, where we lay our scene,
From doubting mind springs forth some sanity,
Where decent thought doth wash the B.S. clean.
'Tis here we place the quacks in fatal throes,
For lies do seem to take on their own life;
And greatly do increase the public's woes,
Thus do the skeptics ever dwell in strife.
'Tis this, the thing which doubters most do love:
To purge the crap and bring the truth to light.
They do not ask for answers from above,
But use critical thinking as they might.
If your most patient eyes do wish to read,
The Circle hath such answers as you need.
Go thou forth and be inoculated against the credulous claims that flood the blogosphere!

Next up is Mile Zero on November 23. Please note that this upcoming edition of the Skeptics' Circle will be posted one day early (on Wednesday instead of Thursday), because of the Thanksgiving Day holiday in the U.S. I figured that most American fans of the Circle would have better things to do that day, such as watching football and feasting. (Although, really, what could be better than enjoying some skeptical takedowns of pseudoscience, paranormal, and other topics worthy of a good debunking?) I hope this won't bother our non-American readers, but, like most bloggers, I'm a traffic whore, and traffic is likely to be way down on a major holiday. I'm sure participants will understand.

Speaking of participants, you can be one. Send examples of your best skeptical blogging to Tom at Mile Zero by November 22. Guidelines are here and here. And, as always, if you think you have what it takes to host, if you think you can stand up to the Hovind Creationism Stupo-Rays the way Matt did (on second thought, maybe that's asking too much of anybody) and put together a great blog carnival, drop me a line at


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