Please excuse my while I vomit... (Part 2)

Here's a quickie.

Remember the Gaede twins? You know, the cute 13-year-0ld blonde-haired, blue-eyed, all "Aryan" Mary-Kate and Ashley of the white supremacist set who've become all the rage in white racist and neo-Nazi circles with their lame folk ballads espousing "white pride, " songs like Aryan Man Awake and wrote a song praising Rudolf Hoess? The ones who play a video game called "Ethnic Cleansing" and like to wear smiley face Hitler T-shirts?

They're baaaack. (Actually, unfortunately, they never went anywhere.)

It appears that they almost managed to be featured in Teen People without their vile racist beliefs being mentioned:
Teen People nixed a story about Hitler-loving teenybopper twins Prussian Blue - amid outrage that the glossy had promised to avoid the words "hate," "supremacist" and "Nazi" in its piece on the racist singing sisters.

A Web-based teaser for the February story originally called the hatemongering duo "aspiring musicians" and compared them to wide-eyed sensations Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The only hint that 13-year-old Lynx and Lamb Gaede praise Hitler, call the Holocaust an "exaggeration" and count former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke among their fans was a watered-down description of their message as "white pride."

"The last thing we need is to celebrate hate in this country," said Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, who helped lead a Monday demonstration outside the office of Teen People's parent company Time Warner. "I'm absolutely thrilled it's not running."

Time's initial response to the protest was the added mention of the girls' white separatist mom, National Vanguard member April Gaede, in the Web-based teaser.

Hours later, the company yanked the entire project.

"During an editorial review of this assignment, we learned that a junior employee made unauthorized assurances to the mother of the Gaede twins regarding the prohibition of certain words in the story," said Time spokeswoman Ali Zalenko.
Nice try, racist scumbags. (Gee, I wonder if the photoshoot mentioned here was for the Teen People piece.)

It sounds as though this "junior employee" probably didn't know the full depth of the racism, Nazi apologia, and Holocaust denial these girls represent and that they are in essence tools of Erich Gliebe, David Duke, and other white nationalists to appeal to the very demographic that Teen People is marketed to.

If there's one thing to be thankful for tomorrow, it's that people like the Glaede twins, their mother, and the white nationalists who use them as teeny-bopper idols for the up-and-coming hate set remain a fringe group.

May it always be so.


  1. My understanding is that the "stories" in publications like _Teen People_ are almost all just slight rewrites of PR material provided by celebrities' handlers. This suggests to me that the editors took Prussian Blue's PR bio at face value and didn't bother to do any research on the group or its market. In that sort of publication environment, critical analysis of what celebrities are saying is biting the hand that feeds you. The same phenomenon probably accounts for the ability of celebrities to promote quackery.

  2. The've been banned from coming to Australia, but sadly the article announcing this was not only on the front page of my local newspaper, but used the image you have on your website, thus giving them what I would consider to be undeserved publicity.

  3. And if they're so proud and open about their beliefs, just why were they trying to deceive the readership? Reminds me of the "AwShucksGolly" IDiot trolls from Panda's Thumb.

  4. Junior Employee? I wonder if he was an overzealous staffer in a previous job?

    Here's an example of his prior work:

  5. I'd always associated Prussian Blue with a breed of cat. Well, cats are self-serving sneaky little things that gobble up the wildlife - maybe there's a connection there.

    My apologies to cat lovers.

  6. Actually, the cat breed is "Russian Blue", a shiny gray cat.

    Anyone want to place bets on if one or both of these girls will be seeking psychiatric counseling or self-medicating sometime in the next 20 years?

    This hits home because I have an 11 year old daughter (who plays the violin and has dyed her dark blonde hair mostly black, for a while it was blue). We are trying our best to keep her normal through puberty... I cannot imagine what is happening to those two girls' psyche.

  7. Orac... you need to edit the above.

  8. As a professional musician for most of my life, I hope I can comment on the quality of music performed by these kids, ignoring the asshat message they present.

    I've heard better stuff at local talent shows from kids much younger. I was at least expecting some prodigal violin work. No, it sounds like the poor girl had her first lesson yesterday.

    I conclude that the only reason people (and I use that term lightly) like this poo is because the girls are representative of what the jackasses in our world think we should be like, and nothing to do with their "talents".

    End of Rant, thanks.

  9. I may not like thier beliefs anymore than anyone else. What I do feel strongly about is the right they have to write music about whatever subject matter they choose to. Another thing that gets me is the fact that everyone who is against people who have this racist mindset often use word to desrcibe thier feelings about this is "hate" and "anger", and the words they use to describe this music as "trash" or "garbage". This make all of you no better. All this does is show our children that it's ok to hate those you don't like or agree with, which would make us the same as them. You may not like it, but to repond with negative remarks does nothing but fuel more hate, and gives them more desire to write music that evokes these feelings from the everyday public. As far as banning these girls from playing shows, that is unconstitutional, they have the right to play. You as American citizens have the right to, not promote, not condone, not advertise, not attend, and mostly not listen. The only thing being accomplished here by ranting and raving and making a big issue out of this, is YOU PEOPLE are giving these girls a national, and even worldwide platform to promote thier racist beliefs. If none of you complained, who would even know who the hell these girls are? Just sit and think on that one for a while.

  10. Give me a break.

    First off, I never proposed banning anything, much less these idiotic girls from performing their hate-filled twaddle. If you've read any of my posts about David Irving, you would know that I detest hate speech laws. Second off, I strongly disagree that staying silent in the face of this hate is advisable, and I particularly disagree with your reasoning (that attacking them fuels more hate). Believe me, racists like this are like cockroaches; they thrive in the dark, when no one is paying attention to them.


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