The Twenty-second Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

The National Weekly World Inquirer News has published an interview account of the Twenty-second Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle at in a tabloid format:
"It's hard, you know? I won't lie to you now. It's hard." The yeti leans back in his chair, a stylish Swedish contraption made of balsa wood and green canvas. I expected to be in a forest for this interview, but instead my directions brought me to a condo in Greenbelt, Maryland. The yeti met me at the door and gave me a Coke, which I sip in his lounge-themed living room.

"I mean," he continues, "being a mythical creatures isn't what it used to be. But you've got to change with the times, man. Just keep on truckin', you know?" And with those words, the Yeti unloads his furry soul to me.

Go and read the rest!

There's nothing like a plethora of fine skeptical blogging to fire up my appetite for the Thanksgiving feasting that I will be engaging in tomorrow.

Next up is Bora at Circadiana. He's actually hosted the Circle once before back in March on his other blog Science and Politics. With his hosting next week, he will join the (now retired) Founder of the Skeptics' Circle (St. Nate) and me as the only bloggers who have ever hosted the Circle twice. So send him your best skeptical blogging by Wednesday, December 7, and then join us back again at Circadiana on Thursday, December 8!

Hmmm. Come to think of it, I wonder if any of our other previous hosts are interested in joining the Two-Timer's Club. (Wait a minute. That didn't come out quite right.) We have now accumulated quite a stable of hosts who've done a wonderful job in the past hosting; perhaps some of them would like to host again...

In any case, I encourage any bloggers, whether you've hosted before or not, who are interested in hosting an upcoming meeting of the Skeptics' Circle, drop me a line at The updated schedule is here. Guidelines for submissions and hosting are here and here.

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