Calling all skeptics, calling all skeptics!

It's hard to believe, but the second edition of The Skeptics' Circle is a mere six days away. It will appear on Thursday, February 17. St. Nate got the ball rolling last week with a fine collection of skeptical blogging. He set the bar high. With your help, I hope to continue the tradition.

I've gotten a few fine selections so far--more than I would have expected at this point--but I want more. I'd like to have at least a dozen good skeptical posts to showcase. My thoughts on the sorts of posts I'd love to see are here, and St. Nate's original guidelines are here. So, this weekend, if you're a blogger and you've written something skeptical or demonstrating critical thinking skills about urban legends, the paranormal, quackery, creationism/intelligent design, psychic phenomena, or other topics worthy of applying Occam's razor and a skeptical eye to, please send it in. Send the URL/permalink to orac_usa at hotmail-dot-com. The deadline will be 9 PM EST on Wednesday, February 16. Late submissions will be considered at my discretion if I haven't finished putting the Circle together at the time they are received.

Also, St. Nate has made available a nifty little button for The Skeptics Circle. I've added it below and to my blogroll...


  1. Ah, yes. More science-themed entries? I think I can oblige. Actually, I've been meaning to do some for a while now, perhaps discussing my own research. I just haven't gotten around to it yet...


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