The Aftermath

Well, I took my turn hosting the Second Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle yesterday. Despite some initial trepidation on my part that my somewhat unusual style of organizing the submissions might put some people off, the response has been quite gratifying. In fact, yesterday, the response shattered all previous one day hit total records for Respectful Insolence, exceeding the previous record by well over two-fold! (I realize the numbers aren't all that impressive compared to the big sites, but it impressed the heck out of me.) I'm quite grateful to all the supportive bloggers who linked to the Circle and helped bring in more traffic, creating more buzz and hopefully directing some traffic to the First Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle as well. The response tells me that there really is a "market" (if you will) for high-quality skeptical blogging, and I see this thing continuing to grow from here on out. Radagast, the next host, should keep the ball rolling quite nicely on March 3. Send him your skeptical blogging by the evening of March 2.

Given how much time I spent putting the Circle together in some sort of coherent form (and the fact that I was on call yesterday, a sad fact that will continue through the weekend and the pain of which became apparent over the last couple of nights), blogging will be light and possibly nonexistent until Monday. Also, I don't want to distract unduly from the Skeptics' Circle for at least a couple of more days by cluttering up the top of my blog with multiple posts that necessitate a lot of scrolling (hence the handy link to the Second Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle in the first paragraph of this post). In the meantime, in the spirit of blatant blogger self-promotion that I have pointed out to you in the past, I would urge those new readers who've discovered the joy that is Orac's Respectful Insolence for the first time through the Skeptics' Circle to check out some of the blog posts contained in Essential Orac (on the sidebar). Hopefully you'll like what you see and become a regular here. There's lots more where that came from. I promise.

But probably not before next week.

To my regular readers, I beg for patience. Followups to my Wearing Two Hats and Denial Parts I and II posts will be forthcoming, as will the usual assortment of posts about surgery, alternative medicine, science, skepticism, Holocaust denial, and random other musings.


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