My problem with neo-conservatives is echoed

Busy day yesterday (I didn't get a chance to finish the next piece), so only light blogging today..

My concerns about conservatism's direction (particularly neoconservatism) over the last few years are echoed here, in an article by a conservative for a conservative magazine. In fact, the reason I discovered it was because an old friend of mine, who's way more conservative than I am, gave me a subscription to the magazine for Christmas, which led me to the online version after I read this article. Although I don't agree with every point (for example, the use of the f-word--not the f-word that you think--may be overkill), this article does echo my unease with the direction conservatism and the Republican Party has been going.


  1. As a Brit (and thus a person from a culture which has a somewhat different political history from the US) I would *very much* appreciate your thoughts on what constitutes a liberal or a conservative. You repeatedly refer to yourself as a conservative, yet to my mind you come across as a liberal:)

  2. i also made an entry concerning this same article a few days ago. i never thought i would agree so strongly with something published in a magazine co-founded by pat buchanan.



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