Last call for The Skeptics' Circle!

The Skeptics' Circle will be appearing here tomorrow. So far, I've received some really good examples of skeptical blogging on intelligent design creationism, questionable medical claims, pseudoscience, credulous reporting of the "paranormal," and other topics. However, there's always room for more! The deadline for submissions is tonight at 9 PM EST. Please send your entries to orac_usa AT What we're looking for is described here. (Late entries will be included this time at my discretion only if I haven't finished putting the Circle together at the time I receive them. Otherwise, I will forward late entries to the next host for inclusion in the next Circle.)

Also, if you've submitted an entry and haven't yet received a confirmatory e-mail from me, please let me know today, to make sure I didn't somehow miss it or overlook it.

Join me tomorrow for the best skeptical blogging around!


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