Grand Rounds XIX

This week's Grand Rounds is at Sue Pelletier's Daily Capsules. Once again, the best blogging in the medical blogsophere is gathered into one, nice digestable package. Because I regularly peruse the medical blogosphere, I've seen many of these before, and they're great. Others are from blogs I'm not familiar with. I appreciate that, because it leads me to new blogs I might otherwise never have discovered.

For those of you who've found your way here because of Grand Rounds, please check out Essential ORAC (on the sidebar) for a dose of what this blog is about. As my regular readers know (all two dozen of them), I rarely miss a chance for shameless self-promotion. Just ignore the strange picture of a guy dressed as an enema you will see lower down on this page. It's merely the product of Orac's very strange sense of humor...


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